Currently, I focus on UX and Product Design study, mainly on the Web.

Understanding that it must be focused at all times to provide the best user interaction experience, my goal is to get studies by SEO strategies applying neuromarketing, without forgetting to take into account the phrase, form and photography used.

Since some time ago...


My most recent experience has been in Olascoaga, where I had the opportunity to create several Bot with the MessageBird platform.

Previously, I worked for the Mexican Startup, Pedidos Móvil, a Mobile Application. Here, I was able to take the project about to launch the application in PlayStore and develop skills in statistical analysis of the market for the cities of Cancun and Chiapas, planning and sales projection, study of the business model, product and SEO study's on their website.

In Pedidos Móvil, I was later able to provide support as Product Owner in supervision with the SCRUM Master for the team of developers with the JIRA tool.

I have also worked on other independent projects making improvements to their SOP services, creating graphic content and providing solutions to problems.

Since 2020 I have been working on my Personal Project Watoul, an Online Store Sponsor of sports equipment at affordable costs for artists/athletes.

And for 2022, I have started another Personal Project, Ameli.vart, where contemporary works are offered, as a sample of 12 years of artistic career in different areas.

Mis experiencias más resaltantes

¿Cuáles han sido mis logros en Tech?

As I have worked in several creative areas, my achievements have been in the increase of visits and business definitions, among them stand out:

  • Pude hacer un incremento en el SEO de la página de al 7% en un lapso de 4 meses con configuraciones básicas de metadescriptions y keywords
  • He trabajado en el área de calidad para mejoras en las interfaces y lógica de la aplicación Pedidos Móvíl en cuanto a contenidos.
  • Diseñé un modelo de negocios en Pedidos Móvil para los distintos planes del aplicativo considerando los fees de transacciones y oportunidades de ganancia.
  • Realicé un Bot de Atención al Cliente para definiendo todo el proceso de operación de la fundación.
  • Realicé estrategias de Posicionamiento Web Local para la marca personal Dr. Carlos Morales con aumento del 35% en visitas

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Where I want to go...

Currently I want to work on long-term projects, where I can continue to add studies and specialized experiences in UX/UI Product Design and specify the scaling of the implementations. While still making a difference through innovation, creativity and clarity.

And all this, without leaving aside my artistic career and to contribute to the Orange Economy.

Johameli Muñoz

Product Analyst Engineer & Artist

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